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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: A Coordinating Navy Blue Cabinet for the Closet

Kayd Roy1 Comment
It is a GORGEOUS Friday here in Minneapolis, makes me excited to kickoff the weekend!  This week's DIY is a pretty simple furniture redo that I just had to do because of how much I loved my updated navy blue campaign dresser.  It totally needed a buddy right? 

The only bummer about this DIY is that I missed a MAJOR step- yes, I forgot to take a "before" photo.  I know, I know, how the heck could I miss that?!?!  I am wondering that too, but the cabinet was just white before with silver hardware so I found a similar looking cabinet online to give you an idea.  It was a cabinet that the previous homeowner had in our upper level bathroom.  We didn't need it in the space so it was just stored in our basement... Until now!
I removed the hardware and used the same Rust-o-leum glossy navy blue paint that I used on the dresser.  For the hardware, I actually had some old knobs that had a unique look so I just painted them gold to match the dresser.  I figured they would work fine since I couldn't get or fit the same hardware that was on the campaign dresser.
I cleaned it off, added the hardware, and brought it up to my closet roomHere's how it's looking! 
I think just that little bit of extra storage was the missing puzzle piece for my Closet-Room redo (I still need to take all the 'after' photos though, stay tuned!). 

I know I am Head Over Heels for this DIY, especially because it was free and I put some clutter from our basement to good use!

What do you think?  Are you Head Over Heels for the revamped look?
Hope you will be back to see the full Closet-Room "afters"!

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