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A Completed Closet Along with a Comic

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For now at least :)  I guess what I've learned from taking on this project is that I'll likely keep messing with the space because it's strangely kind of fun.  Anyone else have a room they tinker with a lot too?  Maybe it's because I'm the only one using the room and can do whatever, or I just enjoy reorganizing it all as my storage needs change?  Who knows but the important part is that I've got all new 'after' photos to share with you today!

In case you aren't familiar with earlier posts, this weird/long room is located off of our Master Bedroom and only accessible through it using this door between the once "his & hers" closets (which are now Alex's "his & his" since I took over the new space)...

When we first moved into the house we weren't quite sure what to do with it but knew that the icky carpet had to go!

It stayed empty for another year and then after seeing some glamorous "dressing room" photos, I was inspired to create my own!

Not to mention that I could no longer stuff everything into an itty-bitty closet, oh the horror!

With that, let's take a look at my new (DIY) Closet photos!

Here are the details that brought it all together!
In the spirit of hanging my money where I can see it a-la Carrie Bradshaw, I bought two commercial garment racks from Target for $49.99 (spray painted Oil Rubbed Bronze)
But my proudest DIY creation on this project was definitely my "curtain rod" shoe and scarf storage idea using Racka Rods and Wall Brackets from Ikea which totalled a mere $33.00!  I said it before and I'll say it again- Every gal needs a place to hang her hat heels right?! 
Yep, that has to be my 2nd favorite to Hammers and High Fives in my blog realm of strangely delightful and/or cheesy catch phrases- Which then leads my imagination toward my own comic book or action flick...

--- Temporary sidetracking warning ---
... co-starring the Rock or is it Dwayne something now, you know that one big guy that's in lots of action movies?  Yes, he could hang out in my closet to keep everything in it's place, then polish jewelry and shoes all day while I am at work.  Hmmm, that'd be lovely...
However now that I'm thinking about it, if given the choice I'd prefer Andy Cohen to have that gig.  Then I would come home to Real Housewives gossip and "Drinking Game Alerts!" Ahhhh!  Yep, this is what goes on in my head sometimes, could be worse though right?
--- And back to business/ reality --- 
For jewelry storage, I decided to turn it into wall art using a $9.99 cork bulletin board from Menard's.  I also pinned on some fun photos that make me smile every morning.
Isn't the close up of Rocco's little fuzzy face adorable?!?!

You might have also noticed that I changed up my DIY Greek Key window shades a little.  I decided to ditch the violet color and go with classic black instead.  I also found that using 3M Friction tape is way better than the vinyl! 
Each roller shade was $14.25 from Home Depot (they cut to exact length you need) and the Friction Tape was about $5.00.  The Friction Tape was more like fabric so in the end it did look much better, especially against sunlight! 

***UPDATE- I also have to call out that even with the shades, that I added black-out window film on the two windows that sit behind my garment racks.  I didn't take photos of it but I can later and add in, but I did this to further protect my clothes from the sunlight.  I opened the windows during the time I took these photos to make the room look nicer and let light in, but normally I don't get any light through those two windows.  I know it sounds weird, but with so many windows in that space it's the best way to protect my stuff!***

The vintage/thrifty finds that helped give it a personalized touch were the campaign dresser $10.00, antique armchair $2.00 (followed by a DIY facelift), oversized "Z", and the set of gold wall sconces for $2.00.

The decorative pillow, sheepskin rug, and canvas storage baskets were all things we had in our guest or soon-to-be office.
The bright side is that I didn't spend more money, but I also never fell in love with anything enough to purchase for the closet like I had hoped.  At least for now they seem to fit nicely and maybe I'll find replacements when I am not looking (I hope)!

So, maybe someday I will have the Lisa Vanderpump closet of my dreams, but for now opting to turn a small room into a large closet seems to be a fantastic solution!  Do you agree?

What do you think of my DIY Closet set up?
Would you do the same if you had extra rooms and only small closets available in bedrooms?
What other storage ideas do you think I should add or could add over time?
Lastly (and it's the most important one to answer), did you like my Hammers and High Heels Comic?

* Updated on 5.28.2013- noted black-out film on windows that sit behind my garment racks, protects clothing so the sun cannot fade them.