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Weather and Wild Turkey Weirdness

Kayd Roy3 Comments
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... and it's so, so wrong.  Is it really mid-April?  Or is it February?  I'm beginning to feel likeI'm stuck in a strange time warp, like time stopped here in Minnesota mid-March.  It's just weird!  It doesn't even feel like the days are getting any longer, but that could also be because I haven't seen the direct sun in over two weeks.  Sorry if I just sound cranky.... but this non-stop cold weather makes me real grumpy, I was totally wrong about that whole "Last Blast" thing. 

I couldn't believe the amount of snow that was falling yesterday- just big wet gobs that stuck all over you.  Then some weird icy-cold rain/sleet followed that later in the day.  Here's a look at that weather report (off the top of my head, hehe)....
This weather report was brought to you by the state of Minnesota. It's Minnesota Ice Nice.
Now, since we're on the topic of weirdness, I've been wanting to blog about something for a while now but couldn't figure out how to fit it in- but here it is.  A very strange occurrence has happened not once, not twice, but three times.  What is it you ask?  Well what else but a wild turkey running down the street on my way home from work...  
We live about a mile from downtown in a more urban type area- this is so not normal!  Maybe one random sighting would be normal, but three times?!?!  Even more odd is that I've seen Mr. Turkey Lurkey all three times on the same street around the same time.  It just leaves me with so many questions...

Is this turkey sighting some kind of weird sign?
Are wild turkeys going to invade Minneapolis? 
Where's Mr. Turkey Lurkey going and where did he come from? 
Can anyone else see this turkey or is it in my imagination? 

I tell ya, if I see Mr. Turkey Lurkey again I am going to dart out of my car, chase him, wrestle him to the ground and demand answers!  I'm just glad I have photographic proof of my turkey sighting- that way it doesn't just sound like a strange story from a crazy lady of course.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this somewhat strange and random Monday post :)  Now I want to hear from you too!

What kind of weirdness did you experience over the weekend?
Is the icky cold spring weather getting you grumpy?
Any NoMi friends spot a wild turkey running around lately too?