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Signs of Spring Along with Santa

Kayd Roy1 Comment
We had some GORGEOUS weather over the weekend here in Minneapolis!  How about you?

It felt so wonderful to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun!  It seemed like spring arrived overnight, we went from a snowstorm last week to sunshine and Summer Shady the next week... ahhhh! 

I think relaxing while sipping on my first Summer Shady of the year may have been the highlight of my weekend... especially due to the fact that Santa showed up in his "Summer Sleigh".  He even let out a nice loud "Ho-Ho-Ho" while he sat at that red light :)
I can't help but think this makes my Wild Turkey sightings even stranger though?  Turkey and Santa sightings in April... what does it all mean?!?

But aside from our fun sitting out in the sun, we did notice some more official signs of spring like our Tulips and Day Lilies starting to sprout up! I can only hope that the tree we planted back in early October starts to show signs of recovery as well...
We're a little worried about our little tree so if anyone has tips for Spring growing let us know!

Lastly, if you are wondering if I got working on my closet room I actually did even though the beautiful weather made it tough to want to be inside.  I was able to finish up the rest of my Greek Key window shades- and I ended up tweaking the design a little bit.  My next post will be an update on that! 

Hope you had a great weekend!  Did anyone else see Santa this weekend?  I imagine noI imagine I'm the only one that saw Santa right?!?  If you did too though you have to tell me!