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Sacre Bleu! Drab to Chic & Fab Blue Dresser DIY

Kayd Roy20 Comments
I finally got my rear in gear over the weekend and painted that $10 campaign dresser.  I'm so happy that I no longer have to look at that dull beat up dresser- why-oh-why did I wait so long ?!?!  The fresh blue look is sooooo much better!
I guess my only reason for dragging my feet on the project was because I couldn't decide on a paint color.  Each one looked perfect and I loved them for different reasons.
After much deliberation, I decided to go with a glossy and rich navy blue.  I figured it would be a good color choice in case I end up using it in a different room in the future. Navy is a bit more versatile than red or pink- even though that would have been fun! 

I picked up two cans of Rust-Oleum spray paint at Home Depot and hauled the dresser outside for painting.
Sadie managed to photo bomb with just her nose :) stealthy and sneaky!
I pulled out the drawers, sanded the surface to get it roughed up, and removed the handle hardware.  The bummer was that I couldn't remove the brass corner details.  They seemed to be glued on so I had to cover with painters tape which was a long and annoying process, ugh!  Then I started spraying...
I did about three coats and let it dry overnight.  I was so excited to bring it back up into my closet to see how it looked, thankfully I was not disappointed.  The fresh paint totally changed the look and it fit so much better in the space!
One other little change/detail I added was this antique bracelet I got from blog friend Mimi-Toria Designs.  I loved the look of the black tassel on the green dresser above, but wanted to add a unique and personal detail of my own.  I don't think anything else would have looked more perfect!  Love how jewelry can also be house jewelry too!

I think the new rich blue look fits in nicely with all the other closet goodies I've got going on... BUT I still haven't picked out my window treatments, rug, or a cute decorative pillow to jazz up my refurbished antique chair
Those are the wanted items on my list before I plan to take "after" photos.  I guess they are little details but I want every little bit of my closet/dressing room space to be uniquely me!  So I hope you can be patient with my picky-ness until then :)  For now...

What do you think of my $10 dresser's new look?
What do you think of the color choice?  Like it or hate it? 
What do you think of the (house) jewelry added on the dresser?

I'd love to hear what you think, don't be shy now :)
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