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Michigan Moments: Critters, Cracks, Candy, and Plenty of Cute-ness

Kayd RoyComment
We're back from our quick Easter holiday trip to Michigan!  Even though the trip was pretty short, we did our best to squeeze in as much quality time with family as possible.  Here are some of the highlights from our trip...

We visited the Critter Barn in Zeeland- Our three year old nephew Henri and nine month old niece Brynnan loved seeing all the cute farm animals. 
Henri showed the cows his best "Moo"-ves and Brynn laid eyes on her first lamb!
Alex contemplated a Potbelly Pig adoption and I wanted to keep that cute baby chick!
Following our Critter Barn visit, an accidental crack flash- while strolling downtown Holland, Henri suddenly announced from atop his dad's shoulders, "Hey, my butt's showing!" he wasn't kidding.  We all couldn't help but laugh, even Henri. 
We corrected the issue but I had to quickly capture the moment with Uncle Alex alongside said crack.... and perhaps use to embarrass him when he's a teenager :) 

Then, it was Easter egg time!  We had fun seeing Henri in action (sans exposed crack) hunting for Easter eggs.  He was pretty darn happy about the mountain of candy the Easter Bunny brought him!  It fueled him for an extra round of egg hunting!
I love his adorable mile-wide smile, you can tell he's in a moment of pure childhood happiness!
Lastly, we soaked up tons of baby cute-ness with Brynnan-  The last time I saw her was in August as a newborn, I still can't believe how much our little niece Brynn had grown!  She's so happy and sweet, just a total doll!
It still warms my heart seeing my big sister as a mom, and I can so much happiness when she looks at Brynnan.
Speaking of cute baby time, I can't wait to meet our new nephew in August when Amber and Ryan's threesome becomes a foursome!!!  Even more cute baby time and we'll get to see Henri in his new role as a big brother! 

So, that about wraps up the highlights from our Michigan visit.  It went by so fast but I'm so thankful we made the trip!  Even six years later, it's still hard to live far from our family but all of these moments remind me why it's important to take a break (and suffer through the long drive) in order to spend time with family- these memories are worth it!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend too!  See you for a DIY on Friday and I'll be back at projects this weekend!