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Junk Bonanza Photos- Can You Guess What I Took Home? Plus the Wedding Lab!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
I gathered all up my photos from Thursday's Junk Bonanza trip to share!  Aside from just shopping at JB, the other fun part is getting some project or DIY ideas from what you see.  Also, this year they had a Wedding Lab that featured some amazing, cute and creative wedding themes (fun to look at even if you aren't a bride-to-be!).  So I hope you enjoy a look at all the sights and maybe find a fun idea or two! 

If you're up for a little game too, try and guess the three items I took home as you look through the pictures.  Ready?!?!  Here's a look at all the "junk"...

That wraps up the junk for sale but I can't leave out photos of the Wedding Lab! 
Each themed "lab" displayed great ideas for a vintage, vintage-inspired, or repurposed wedding and reception style.  The displays were so pretty too look at, I have to say all the folks that put it together did an amazing job!  (Click here for more info)
Ahhhh, I still love looking at wedding decor ideas! 

Now, I know you're wondering what I took home???  Did you guess the three items from the photos above?  Yes? No?  Either way here's my loot...

Any correct guesses?!?  I think the Z was pretty easy but it was a good score for just $10 and I love the glossy white/gold finish and the modern vintage style of it.  My friend Amber spotted the potty knocker for $3 and said, "you should get this for Alex" so I did.  It was a perfect gift for my hubby- random, strange, and included bathroom humor :)  Lastly, I got that little black dress for $20 and it fits perfectly, how lucky is that find?!?!  Plus, who doesn't love a little vintage in their wardrobe?


Anyone else score good finds at Junk Bonanza this weekend?  What'd ya get?