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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Greek Key Window Shades

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Did you happen to catch my closet inspiration post yesterday?  I couldn't get that Greek Key patterned window shade out of my head.  Not just because I loved the idea, but I couldn't stop thinking about DIY-ing it- so I did!

When it came to window treatments for my closet-room, I knew I didn't want anything super colorful or patterned in that space since I have clothing and shoe crazy-ness all over most of the room already.  This kind of look would fit perfectly, just simple and refined....
Images via The Nesting Game | Lonny Magazine | Effortless Style  | Decor Pad

... But I guess "simple" just stuck out to me? 
There must be some kind of strange equation in my brain: Simple + Idea x Carla / Budget$ = DIY  ?
Basically, it is a roman shade with a pattern around the border.  I figured I should just buy a plain white shade and add the border myself!

With all my clothes next to windows, the most important thing was getting something that will block the light from hitting and fading the fabric- oh the horror!  I got plain 55" width Light Filtering Roller Shades from Home Depot for $14.25 each, which had to be cut to 46.75" wide for my windows.  For the Greek Key pattern I used violet colored 3M Color Vinyl Electrical Tape from Home Depot as well for $3.99.  I know, I know, electrical tape indeed sounds odd, but here's the thing- the shade itself was vinyl and the tape is vinyl, therefore it's acceptable.  Vinyl tape on other things like fabric, shoes, furniture, your face, etc. is not acceptable- Just wanted to clarify my DIY logic because I know the whole tape thing sounds nuts!

I started by mapping out the placement for the Greek Key design (there are a few variations to a Greek Key pattern, mine is different the ones shown above).  Keep in mind all the measurements included are based on the size of my windows.  Here are the steps I followed to create the look...

NOTE: It is very important to make sure that you aren't letting the edges/ends of the tape overlap! If you do, your handmade tape creation will be really handmade obvious :) do your best to avoid that! Take your time, measure out each piece of tape to cut, and cut tape ends straight at a 90 degree angle.

To create the next section of the pattern, I spaced it out half the width of my squares.  From there you pretty much connect the dots....

Here's some progress pictures of the pattern coming together. It was pretty time consuming since I wanted it to turn out nice, but totally worth it! 

Once the pattern was complete, I hung the shade using the coordinating brackets from Home Depot.  Here's a look of the Greek Key pattern shade mounted in the window....

One down, four to go... ugh exciting!  Still, I'm pretty sure I'm Head Over Heels for this DIY- yes tape and all!  It's a simple way to add some style to low cost window shades for sure!

I'll be compiling all my photos from Junk Bonanza tomorrow, can't wait to show you the "treasures" took home!  What are you up to this weekend?

- Anyone else going to look for treasures at Junk Bonanza?
- What do you think of the DIY Greek Key Window Shade project?
- What other fun DIY Window Treatments have you created?  I'd love to know!