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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Easy Elastic Baby Headbands

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I'm still getting back into the swing of things since our Michigan trip, but after looking through all of our photos I realized I had a cute and SUPER easy DIY project to share...

These cute little headbands I made for my niece!  They're a great baby girl gift idea with a handmade touch!

All you need for this DIY are scissors, sewing thread, sewing needle, elastic and then any type of trim/fabric you want for the decorative element.  I used a sequin bow I found on clearance at JoAnne's and some felt to make flowers from.
You start by cutting the elastic to the right length- and I think typing in "circumference of baby's head" might be the strangest Google phrase I've ever searched.  Anyway, Google told me that for a nine month old the length I would need was about 14-15 inches.  From there all you need to do is stitch the ends of the elastic together, place the decorative element over where the two ends meet (so ends aren't visible when worn), and stitch the decorative element onto the elastic.  Super easy!!! 

I know it's pretty simple but boy, simple and sweet looks so darn cute on this little gal!

The best part of the project was that I really enjoyed making them for her.  I think I was smiling the whole time and kept saying to Alex, "Oh, this is gonna be so cute on her!" I guess since it was a less complicated DIY it also helped to keep it fun and easy to be Head Over Heels for!

Now I want to make her a headband with feather and pearls on it!  Or themed holiday ones!  LOL, I'm envisioning myself 13 years from now still making her things to wear... and I bet she'll say to my sister, "Why does Aunt Carla keep making me tacky things to wear? Do I really have to wear them?"  Ha!

I'll be getting my rear in gear tomorrow and finally painting that dresser. I can't wait to share the color I picked for it!  But before you'll see that I'll have a post FULL of Spring decor ideas from a certain house I think a lot of you love to see :)  It'll be a must see so stop back Sunday for sure! See you then!