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Unfinished House Projects

Kayd Roy12 Comments
Unfinished house projects.... they kind of haunt you right?  Alex and I have two in our house- the Office and my Dressing Room.  Neither one got completely finished up...

Since finishing up our Kitchen Project, Alex and I have been wondering about what we should tackle next.  We both agreed that we should take on one of these projects, at least then the haunting will go away too :) but which one???

So to get you up to speed on what we did and where we left off here's some background....

In the Office room, we did remove the carpet and paint the walls about 3 years ago.  When the tornado happened though we had some water damage in the ceiling and that had to be redone.  After that I decided to change the paint thinking we were ready to turn the room into an Office officially.  (The photos below illustrate the progression)
But, after I painted nothing happened.  I guess during the "Upstairs Shuffle" we ended up losing interest in finishing the Office and ended up working on our Master Bedroom redo.  So, that is one we still need to tackle.    BUT...

I think I am leaning more toward finishing up my Dressing Room (that sounds like more fun, right?).  In case you aren't familiar with the old posts on this room, it is located off of our Master Bedroom and only accessible from it.  Alex removed the old carpet and installed new wood flooring, then we added some window treatments thinking it might be a nice sitting area/reading kind of room.
Sadly, we quickly learned that the long narrow space didn't make sense at all for a sitting room and that it might be better suited for a small bowling alley or closet- especially since we have very limited storage space!

I took a stab at making this dressing room space TWO YEARS ago (yes, slightly embarrassed about this photo, not my proudest creation at all, barf!) and haven't talked about it since. 
I actually ended up taking it all apart not long after and moving things around to make it larger and more useful.   I think I have been tinkering with it for the past two years waiting for it to feel right before I started talking about it again on the blog.  Thankfully, it's finally feeling right!!!! 

I think I'm leaning towards tackling my Dressing Room Project 2.0.  I feel like it's in a good spot to start sharing.  I guess I wish we could tackle both of them and get them completed but we know never break the cardinal house project rule (only one project at a time!).

Are you more excited about the Dressing Room or the Office? 
Do you have any unfinished projects that are haunting you at home too?