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The Last "Blast"?

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Since moving to Minnesota I've always heard people say, "Before spring comes, we'll get one last blast of winter, there's always that last BIG blast."  Now that we've been through six winters here I'd say for the most part that has always been true.  Just when you think winter is on it's way out because it gets a bit warmer outside, the snow begins to melt, the days get longer, and the sun is shining everyday -BOOM- that's when it happens.  Winter comes back and pretty much smacks you in the face.

We got smacked with ten inches of snow yesterday, which piled on top of the half melted frozen snow that was already there.  Why Minnesota, why?!?!  Can't winter just make a graceful exit once and a while?  I guess there's a lot of you out there that might be experiencing the same thing though since the storm headed east.  The good thing is that once the snow stopped falling the sun came out and it was actually quite beautiful outside.... 
Thanks Nick for capturing this beautiful winter sunset in Minneapolis!
Maybe that is winter smiling and saying goodbye? I can only hope so, I'm so ready to get out of the house!  Better yet, our days will feel longer on Sunday because of Daylight Savings!!!!  Did you know it was this Sunday?  Neither did I, but I can't wait for my daylight hours in the evening!

Are you pumped for Daylight Savings on Sunday too?
Did you get hit with the same snow storm that came through Minneapolis? How much snow did you get?