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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Hand Cut Chinese Paper Wall Art

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Remember a while back when I shared some of my Decor Finds from China and India?  Well, I finally figured out how to take these handmade Chinese paper cuttings and turn them into a beautiful home decor piece!  So what did I create???

This double layered glass wall art piece!
Thank you again Sunny for the nice gift from Shanghai!
All I got to make this was a double layer glass frame from Home Goods and some thin/wide woven burlap. I placed the burlap between the glass then took each paper cutting out of the booklet and placed them on the burlap.  Easy-peasy! 

I love how the double layered glass allows the hand cut paper to create shadows on the wall behind.  It adds a lot of dimension and interest, just feels like a special way to display this handmade art.  I also realized while arranging the cut papers that they seem to tell a story or set a scene maybe?
All of the characters in my little booklet were rabbits and they were dancing or playing instruments.  They all look so happy, like they are at a big party or something?  I think my favorite hand cut character is that little rabbit with the Chinese symbols (above left photo, bottom right corner).  He looks like he is laughing right?  It's so cute and fun!  I guess it is open to interpretation though as most art is! 

I know I am Head Over Heels though, especially when I discovered the story/scene!

Now, I still need to figure out what to do with this 16" x 24" tapestry I got from the Delhi Haat Market in India .  I just love how authentic and worn it feels, it's a perfect well travelled find right?!  I want to do something more creative than just framing it since it is fabric, but I'm kinda stumped for ideas still.  I know I don't want to sew it onto anything either... 
... hmmm.  Anyone have a fantastically creative idea for this tapestry?!?!  I'd love some help on this one, it's just been sitting folded up in my closet since my trip (sad).

Speaking of my closet, I'll be working on that this weekend and plan to share my first progress pics on Sunday/Monday!  See ya then, have a great weekend!

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