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Dressing Room (2.0) Progress

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Anyone else feel like they are playing catch up even though it's only Tuesday?  Yuck!  It's a busy week at home and at work but regardless, I wanted to share a bit of what's been going on with my Dressing Room/Closet project! 

I rearranged the layout of the room, added another garment rack, dresser, bars to hang scarves, wall hooks, and my personal favorite... a wall dedicated to my signature (and in most of the time necessary) heels!  Who doesn't need a place to hang their hat heels, right ladies???

Oh, I guess I have to mention another favorite and that's the $3.00 Vintage Chair I scored from Goodwill that I revamped (click here to check out that redo!).  It has such a gorgeous feminine feel to it, lends itself perfectly for my Dressing Room!

More to come on this space, it's not complete yet!  I hope you'll stop back to see how it turns out!