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Lie Reveal (How We REALLY Met) & 1,000 Reasons We're Excited Today!

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I have exciting news to report (scroll to the end for that), but first some follow up on yesterday's  Two Truths and a Lie linky party!  I decided to tell the story about how Alex and I met... with one lie planted in there of course.  We only got a few guesses and none of them were right, but perhaps I made it too hard with a long story and all?  For those of you who missed it, here is the link to the whole story but this was the lie...

"Anyway, conversation was slow but eventually Alex grew comfortable and turned on the chatter along with his humor."

The truth is, Alex didn't talk to me, at all the day we met!  It even seemed like he was making an effort to be across the store from me the whole time.  He said it was because he just got out of a relationship and our manager told him he couldn't date me as it would violate the workplace dating policy (or something like that?)... but in the end that didn't matter :)  Also funny, that manager was a guest at our wedding and we're still friends to this day (I hope you see this Matt!).

Every other part was true!  Alex had mutton chops and indeed stuck a UPS shipping bag on his head for entertainment a couple months later (I still consider that a truth for the story).  I even have photographic evidence, much to Alex's dismay... sorry honey!  While I'm at it I might as well add another favorite old pic of him, he'd put on my coat and grabbed sunglasses from the nearby mall kiosk and told that people he was Willy Wonka.

It all provided a lot of entertainment during slow work days back then.  Oh, regarding his 'chops' I was able to convince him to ditch them and grow a full beard.  It made him so much cuter once we started dating,  ahhh the early days! 

I hope you enjoyed the funny pics and that trip down memory lane with me :)  Even though it's a little scary to reminsce, I still like to!

Now, onto the exciting news!!!!  Last night I saw this comment come through my email and couldn't believe it- thanks again Corin, word indeed

We hit our 1,000 Google Followers milestone!  Hammers and High Fives all around!!!

Now, I know it might sound big or small to some people, but 1,000 represents a big milestone to us and a reason to take a moment to be excited and thankful for our blog & all of you that read along with us!

To me, this blog means love- I love this little blog.  To me, it doesn't matter who reads it, what people think of it, if people love it, hate it, or if it ever makes it BIG time or whatever. I write this blog and every post because I have grown to love doing it- even on the days when writing a post sounds draining (some of you might relate)...  because sharing these stories with all of you has felt so rewarding!  Everything from project sucesses, project disasters, venting about a tornado, filming for local TV or with blog celebs, celebrating birthdays, or connecting with fellow Northsiders (and hopefully representing NOMI in a positive light). All of these experiences have been amazing and I'm thankful to have shared them here.

So if you are reading this, thank you!  If you've followed us since the very beginning, thank you!  I hope you'll continue to share in our adventures and see where our home journey takes us from here!  Cheers!