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How We Met.... Two Truths and a Lie

Kayd Roy10 Comments
I can't think of anything more fun (and yes slightly random) than a little game action on this Tuesday morning.  Why?  Well, our good blog buddy Lauren over at Our Crazy Ever After thought it'd make for a fun kind of linky party for the blog world- yep, it's a big ol' Two Truths and a Lie Party!  So whether you are or aren't a blogger, you can play!  It'll be a fun way to get to know each other... ya know what I mean, we might find out some random connections :)

Now, if you read our blog you might now a wee-bit about Alex and I, but I know there's one story we haven't shared at all yet.  So if you are up for the challenge, can you spot the lie?  Game on, it's story time!

During college, Alex and I worked at a lovely jewelry store chain that is in almost every mall in America.  Yes, we sold mall jewels -but- at different mall locations. On an unsuspecting day, my store was short staffed and they called in Alex for help to cover breaks at my store location.  Upon meeting Alex, I was intrigued but also confused.  He was wearing a nice suit & tie combo (I love a sharp dressed man) but he had these big ol' mutton chops on his face.  It was like a southern gentleman/hillbilly kind of look.  Anyway, conversation was slow but eventually Alex grew comfortable and turned on the chatter along with his humor.  I thought maybe he was nervous and covered it with lots of jokes & silly behavior which included wearing a UPS shipping box on his head.  In the end, I guess I was curious about him after that day because I kept thinking about him. 

Yes, he was peculiar fellow but I guess that's why I liked him and still love him for that today.  We ended up working together in the same store for about a year after that until our manager realized we weren't getting much work done when we were together and had to separate us :) only at work though, we were kind of inseparable after that.

So, that's how Alex and I met and the rest is blog history, LOL!
Now, can you spot the lie in the story???  There is a lot of truth and only one lie... what is it?!?!? 

Be sure to play along too and link up a post here or just share something in the comments! Accept this silly game challenge, it'll be fun, promise!
I will follow up on the truth and lie tomorrow, after that I have pics of the new faucet we installed in our upper bath to share!!!  Hope you'll stop back by!