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Donut I Love You on Valentine's Day

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Happy Valentine's Day!  So, I didn't really intend to post anything today but the little gift I got for Alex was just so cute and funny I had to share!

Alex and I don't really get each other gifts on Valentine's Day but I found out that a local bakery made donuts that spelled out "I Love You" I couldn't help myself.  I thought it'd be a cute little surprise for my handy husband....

They came from Angel Food Bakery which is owned by the same folks that run Hell's Kitchen just downstairs from the bakery (ironic huh?).  It has a fun urban glam look and feel to it with unique treats to match! 

I think it has to be the silliest way I've told Alex "I Love You" on Valentine's Day... or maybe ever?

We both agreed it was delicious too though, haha! 

What do you think, do the "I Love You" donuts made you giggle too or am I just a nerd?!?

Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day!  Spread love where ever you go!