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A Faucet Refresh For Our Bathroom Sink

Kayd Roy11 Comments
We're faucet caaa-razy lately!  Well maybe it just seems like it since we just got a brand-spankin' new one during our lovely kitchen uprade last month and now we're onto another.  While shopping at Home Depot for that faucet though, we ended up seeing Glacier Bay's Teapot Low Arc Faucet with traditional porcelian "hot" & "cold" handles and fell in love!  It was just $32.00 and we couldn't resist...

I know it's kind of a small change, but the new faucet goes really well with the overall look of our bathroom (scroll to the bottom for more photos).

This little upgrade was pretty easy.  Alex started by disconnecting the water lines then removing the old faucet and all the old icky caulk.

After that, he cleaned up the surface and put in a new line of caulk along the backsplash.

Then all he needed to do was connect the water lines back in and install the new faucet.  Not too bad right?

I'm totally loving the new look!  Those "hot" & "cold" porcelain handles seem perfectly coordinated with our black and white tile!

It felt really nice to replace that old one...  Especially when I looked back at our bathroom photos taken when we moved it.  That faucet was part of that old look and even though it's small, I'm glad it's been replaced with a fresh look.  Better yet, something that feels like it could have fit the original look of our home!

That faucet is a fun & elegant little change for our other little bathroom :)

What do you think of our new "hot" & "cold" porcelian faucet change up?

See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels DIY Friday!