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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Valentine Ideas (and Cheese) To Heart

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I don't know about you, but I still miss Christmas a little bit.  Our house just feels empty with out the decor (yes still) and I think I miss the whole 'spirit' that goes with the holidays.  Anyone else feeling that?  I can't think of any better way to combat that than embracing Valentine's Day!!!  In my heart and within our home of course :)

I started looking for fun decor/gift ideas and I am amazed at some of the unique ideas I stumbled upon!  Seriously, I found great DIY ideas stretching all the way from heels to hot dogs, ha!  Here's the DIYs I heart the most...

Which ideas are you Head Over Heels for too?

Now, I also have to tell you that I enjoyed a fabulous Friday off of work today!  I didn't even check work email, aahhhh!!!!  So I had a lot of fun surfing around for those Valentine ideas along with cleaning the house, a cold run with the doggies, and doing oh-so-needed laundry.  But the highlight of my day had to be this...

Oh yea.  A visit to Trader Joes to restock my cheese supply.  Oh heavenly cheese!!!!  I missed it a lot during my trip and when I got home our supply was pretty low.  I was so happy while shopping for cheese that I took this picture, haha!

Anyway, now I want some cheese and then I'm heading off to bed early!  Perfect Friday for me, I hope yours was splendid as well and have a great weekend!!!