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Back Home & I'm Already Getting Into Trouble

Kayd Roy7 Comments
I am finally back from my trip to India, Hong Kong, and China (not to mention a day trip to Macau!).  The trip was timed perfectly so that I arrived home on Alex's 29th birthday to help him celebrate!
Alex made some major headway on the kitchen project during the time I was gone (you can see a bit of the finished subway tile in the above photo), but we have another slab of butcher block we need to purchase and install before I can take after photos.  I know that part stinks (wa-wa $), but I am just happy to have most of the kitchen in working order... including my beautiful new apron sink and faucet! 

Sadly though, on just my second day home I got in trouble with the new kitchen police Alex for stacking up dirty dishes in the new fancy pants sink....
Again, wa-wa... but actually, I thought this was hilarious because I used to get in trouble for "loading the dishwasher incorrectly".  Alex would often remove the dishes I loaded and load them back in the "correct" location in the dishwasher.  Ahhhh, love, marriage, and the quirks of sharing a home right?!?!  Oh, also hilarious- Alex can't ever seem to locate invisible or scotch tape, just the blue painters tape.  For some reason it always makes me giggle :)

Anyway, we might be a week or so away from finishing the kitchen before I can get after photos, so this week I plan to share some of my trip photos with you!  Heck, you can't go around the world and not share some of the journey right? 

I'll be working on gathering up those photos as I get back into my routine!  Hope you will enjoy a glimpse of my trip with me!  Until then keep your fingers crossed for me, I hope to keep out of trouble with the kitchen commando! Ha!