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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: My Thrifty $40 Hutch Barmoire Update!

Kayd Roy7 Comments
I can't believe Christmas is in four days!  Are you feeling ready?!?!  Another thing I can't believe...

It has been almost a WHOLE YEAR since I last talked about the $40 hutch I scored at a local thrift store for our kitchen nook.  So, this is a very exciting DIY Friday!  Take a look at my transformation from bland hutch to classic-chic (and purposeful) barmoire!

I got the "barmoire" idea from a few photos I kept seeing in Pottery Barn catalogs.  They would use barware in photos of their hutches and I loved the idea!  Who doesn't need a spot for barware and spirits?
Image via Pottery Barn
The whole reason I bought the hutch was to add extra storage for our kitchen and instead of stashing random stuff in it I thought it be more purposeful (and fun) to take it from hutch to barmoire!  In order to create a barmoire look out of our $40 hutch, I had to make a few upgrades. 

First, I ripped out those icky curtains on the upper cabinet doors and replaced them with glass from North End Hardware.  They can cut glass to size on the spot and the new glass only cost $12.64!

After adding in the glass, I replaced the old cabinet hardware with new pewter metal hardware from Home Depot.  I also ended up touching up a bit of the white paint on the sides and doors where it looked a bit roughed up.

Last and certainly not least is the change to the tabletop on the hutch.  Do you see all of that white paint on there?  Well, after Alex helped me remove the top portion of the hutch (the top cabinets are not attached to the base) I took out our belt sander and tore into all that paint until I reached the natural wood surface...

... Let me tell you, that part was not fun.  It was a solid two hours of sanding until I could barely move my arms or shoulders, oh and I was covered in a cloud of paint dust.  It was crappy and gross- BUT- once I took a look at the beautifully patterned natural wood texture that I had uncovered it became worth all the hard work!

I think sanding and refinishing the wood tabletop had the BIGGEST impact on the updated look of the hutch. It gave it more detail, dimension, and elevated the overall look of my $40 find!!!

I guess I have to admit, for a while I thought I wasted $40 since it wasn't feeling special or like it belonged in our kitchen- but since the update, I can't imagine our kitchen without it!

What do you think of my $40 find turned barmoire?  Are you Head Over Heels for this DIY?

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful weekend!  For those traveling to be with family or friends we wish you a safe trip!