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Handmade Hammers & High Heels Creations for Sale at Finch's Holiday Boutique!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
As I mentioned yesterday, I have been busy working on a little side project and that project was for Finch's Holiday Boutique!!!  I wasn't able to make as many items as I did for last year's boutique, but I'm still happy to have a few goodies up for sale!

Here's some info about Finch's Holiday Time Boutique...
Finch's Holiday Time Boutique features unique items from over 50 artists & designers, just in time for the holidays!  (and sorry to the long distance readers, this one is local here in Minneapolis).  This Handmade Open House is Saturday, December 8th from 11am-5pm, and Sunday, December 9th from 12pm-5pm. Check out Finch's Boutique Blog for all the event details, location, and get a sneak peek at what will be up for sale! It really is a talented group of people with lots of incredible creations! Special thanks to friend (and fellow home & craft blogger ) Elisa for organizing the event!

This year I decided to focus on one product type- Decorative Pillows!  I used some plaids and felted wool fabrics to create pillows that had a cozy, winter-y touch!  I figured if they'd make shoppers think about cozying up at home (and hopefully purchase for their home!).  Here's a look at the fun pillows that will be for sale at the boutique!
Red Felted Wood Decorative Pillows with Jingle Bells: $18.00 each

Oversized & Stuffed Menswear Plaid Decorative Pillows or Floor Cushions: $20.00 each

Key Printed Burlap Decorative Pillows: $15.00 each
Like I said, not a whole lot but I know these pillows will add a cute cozy touch to anyone's home this Holiday season!

If you are local here in the Twin Cities make sure to check out the Boutique!  Hope to see you there!