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Hammers & High Heels Year in Review- 2012 Projects in a Flash!

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I can't believe 2012 is almost over but as each year comes to a close, I've always loved looking back at the the year through our blog.  One of the blessings about blogging, is that it becomes a place where we've captured a glimpse of our lives along with the things we have accomplished in our home. 

It's funny because if somebody asked me what I did this year I would say, "Hmmm not a whole lot, travelled, we redesigned our bedroom & deck, I think that's it?"  But once I gathered up all of our photos through the months and got to reflect on things, it helped me appreciate all that happened in 2012- even if they were small, heck it even seems like we did a lot? !

So, cue the paint, hammers, nails, saws, band-aids, sandpaper, screwdrivers, and trips to Home Depot.... oh and of course Alex's curse words (no project is complete without them), here's our Hammers and High Heels 2012 Project Review!

We kicked off 2012 with a BIG project to tackle, our Master Bedroom redo.  This ended up being a lengthy project stretching all the way into April but the before and afters totally speak for themselves! 

Earlier in the year, we also started working on our kitchen nook.  The space has been hard to figure out but once I added my $40 thrifty hutch and transformed it into a Barmoire the space started looking up! 

As we rolled into March, I had to take a business trip to New Delhi India, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen & Shanghai China which included a visit to the Taj Mahal.

While I was away for 17 days, Alex kept himself busy adding wainscoting to our dining room.  Talk about an awesome surprise to come home to!  I LOVE the updated formal look!

Also while I was gone (and just because I can't let Alex forget this one) he did this to our Jeep. Alex is ready for the Zombie Apocalypse if it ever happens y'all.

Once spring arrived, I was able to finish up decorating our Guest Room (for the 4th time). But this one was a fresh update since we had the hole repaired from the 2011 tornado....

Back in one piece!

Rolling into summer, I freshened up the look of our Living Room and did it for just $50! 
I still can't believe what the room looked like when we moved in, it's come so far!

At that point we were half way through 2012.  I stayed pretty busy in July and August doing some travel.   First I went to Grand Rapids, Michigan for my sister's baby shower then to China and NYC for business trips...

During those weeks Alex kept himself busy rebuilding the deck....

... AND adding beadboard to the back entryway.  Gotta love a man that likes to stay busy right!?!

Then, once I got back those projects led into "Deck-orating" the new deck...

 ... and updating the decor at our back entryway.

Around the time fall began, Alex and I finally planted a tree to replace the one we lost from the May 2011 Tornado.
We also enjoyed the excitement of Stylist Home featuring our house "Before" & "Afters" and writing an article along with!

My excitement continued when I discovered a wonderful product that fixed our nasty kitchen grout problem.  Talk about a miracle!

As fall came to an end, so did my "Old House Tale" skeleton key mystery.  I was able to connect with the new owner to swing by with the skeleton key I had found.  We discovered that the key did unlock some of the old doors in the house.  Other keys might have worked too, but hey it was still pretty cool! Mystery solved!

As winter arrived and the end of the year approached, we rounded out the year with our last two 2012 projects.  First up was my $3 vintage chair redo...

Our last project of the year was one that I tackled while Alex was out of town on a boy's cycling trip (except the light fixture, that is man territory).

I took our plain vestibule entryway and made it an entrance!  It was such a little space that we ignored for way too long, who knew it could hold so much character?

Well, that rounds out the house projects for 2012, phew!  That was a lot of photo loading and hyperlinking!  I hope you enjoyed a look back at our house projects with us!  I want to recap everything else about the year now... But that might end up being a cluster of silly dog photos :) ha!

What do you think our best/coolest project was this year?
What was your favorite project that you tackled at home?
What are you planning on for 2013?

Like I said, taking a look back made me appreciate everything in 2012 more, so I hope you take time to reflect on all the things (big and small) that made your year special as well!   Onward to 2013, cheers!