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A Winter Storm Wonderland

Kayd Roy14 Comments
We woke up to metric-crap-ton of snow today and it just keeps on coming down.  Even though I know this much snow is going to be a pain in the buns when it comes to getting around town, I have to admit that I'm loving it because it feels like Christmas!!!!  Last year we barely got any snow at all and the year before we were buried from November until March in nearly three feet of the the stuff.  So yes I love it now, I just hope the snow stays around at a cute level and not a nuisance level :)

Speaking of not getting a lot of snow last year, the kiddos seems really surprised by the big puffy piles of snow today since they really didn't see it at all last year.

It took Sadie a minute to set foot in it (it's her third winter) but then it was like she'd been shot out of a cannon!  She just loved bounding through the snow!
Sadie sure loved it but our other little guy Rocco... not so much.  You can see that he pretty much stood in place as Sadie ran laps around him (notice the arrow pointing at Sadie running by in a blur).
I guess Rocco prefers this kind of stroll in the snow.  Works for me since he hates being held otherwise, ha!
The National Weather Service said that we should expect 8-12 inches of snow to stick around and some totals could be up to 16 inches!  Yikes!
For now I am just going to appreciate the beauty of it, tomorrow might be another story :)

If you are local, what do you think of the snow?  Love it?  Hate it?

Anyone else play in the snow today???