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'Turtle Time' Home Decor Score!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Okay, I feel like everyone I know in the home decor blog-o-sphere has been bananas for the Nate Berkus stuff at Target (I can't count how many times I've seen that tortoise shell on Pinterest).  The Tortoise Shell was a really fun, off-beat, unique wall decor item right?!?!   Uggghhh, I just had to have it!!!!   Sadly, by the time I got out to buy my very own tortoise shell from his collection I couldn't find... Devastation.

Oddly enough, after giving up on finding it at Target or online, it appeared at my local Target store today! 
I hauled it up to the checkout ready to shell out $39.99!!  I was so excited I wanted to scream "TURTLE TIME" ala Ramona from the Real Housewives of NYC (hope some of you out there get the reference, but a non-booze-y turtle this time).  SCORE!

Alex asked, "Where are you going to put it?"  Actually... I had no idea. I just really wanted it and liked it.  It was unique and I knew I wouldn't stumble upon something like it anywhere else.  Which I guess leads me to a question for all of you....

Have you bought a home decor item without knowing where you'd put it?

Did you buy it because you just loved it so much it didn't matter?

Are YOU a Nate Berkus Tortoise Shell owner too?!?  Where did you put it in your home?

I will have a Vestibule update next!
I found a one-of-a-kind light fixture for it and I can't wait to show you!