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Thanksgiving Traditions to Be Thankful For

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Alex and I are feeling very thankful today that our home is warm, cozy, and filled with family.
It is our fourth year hosting Thanksgiving for our sister, brother-in law, and nephew so it's feeling more like a tradition for us now. 

Alex has his groove down when it comes to cooking most of our delicious meal while I have fun setting up a few decorations in between assisting in the kitchen.  We all watch football, play a few games, and know we can always count on catching Sadie sneaking around in hopes of stealing some of our dinner.
Caught in the act!!! 

That's kind of how it goes around here and I love every minute of it!  The day fills my heart with joy and I can't wait to have a tummy full of yummy food shortly (as long as Sadie doesn't get to it first, LOL)!

We hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!