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Scrap That

Kayd Roy17 Comments
Ugh. I made a poor choice. 
Alex was gone over the weekend for a bike race in Michigan.  Just like the last time he was out of town, I thought it would be fantastic to paint while he was gone.  You know, because then it is kind of like a surprise for when he gets back.  Sadly this time it was a BAD surprise.

I chose to paint the Vestibule since it was our latest little project space.  Alex knew I was thinking of a darker paint color to contrast the white beadboard, but I wouldn't share what it was.  I *thought*  a really dark navy blue would look nice, but once it started going up it looked more like Cookie Monster blue than a rich dark navy blue....
 I even did 3 coats and it just wasn't looking right at all :( Additionally, I chose a high gloss paint after I read that higher gloss or lacquer paint would help the space feel bigger/lighter because of the reflective surface.  Here's an example of what I mean...
It's interesting right?  But I guess better suited for newer homes or fancier ones.  Ugh, all it did for us was HIGHLIGHT any little surface imperfection- and our old 1924 home has a lot of them, even in such a little space! 

When Alex got home the next day to see it, the blank look on his face said it all.  You know, it's that look of 'that looks really bad but I don't know if I should say it because my wife might explode with anger or worse, burst into tears'.  
 I let him off the hook and said it for him, "Yep, it looks like crap, I know. Let's look for a more suitable paint color and finish."  It'd be just wrong for to keep the Cookie Monster in the vegetable Vestibule. So that's where we are now.

 The part that stings the most for me is the time I put into working on it.  Even with a little space it's not just the painting, but the sanding, the paint prep, the clean-up, etc.  It is a long process!   I cherish my weekends because I get to put the most time into my projects Saturday to Sunday and keep my Monday-Friday focused on work and fitting in a few blog posts. Ugh!  Just feels like I lost a weekend.

Well, at least I admitted that frustration and should just move on from it. You know blog writing can sometimes be good therapy :)
Can anyone else sympathize with me over a failed project too?
Do you have a dark paint color suggestion to replace the blue Cookie Monster color?