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My $3.00 Chair Gets a Modern Meets Vintage Restyle!

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Remember that fantastic antique chair I found for just $3.00?   Well, I got my little redo on it finished up last night!  Here's the exciting 'before' and 'after' action!
When it came to making a decision on an updated look for the chair, I looked back on all the ideas I liked.  The chair was in great shape as is (even that white fabric, isn't that crazy?!?), but I had to make it a little less "from Grandma's house" looking in order to enjoy it in our house.  Additionally, I didn't want to make any huge change that could damage or ruin the chair.  After all it is a nice antique find! 

So, I landed on creating an updated look similar to the two chairs shown in the top right and center in the group below...
Images via One Kings Lane
Which in a nutshell meant making two changes...

First was the wood.  I sanded off the dark stain to expose a lighter toned/raw wood look.  Then we did a light stain and seal on the wood surfaces.
Second, updating the color of the piping.  I wanted the piping to be a faux black leather which seemed like it could be easy, but like most of my projects it wasn't.   I didn't want to tear off the existing self fabric/piping cording (in the spirit of not destroying or altering the antique permanently) so my idea was to cover it.  Here's how I went about it...
I found the faux leather ribbon/cording cover at JoAnne's and used a round upholstery needle to stitch it around the corded piping. 

Let me tell you, it is pretty dang hard to stitch through upholstery cording! I had to use leather gloves or my fingers would have started bleeding!
It might have been a big pain to do it that way, but at least I know I can remove the faux leather ribbon/trim someday if I get tired of the look and the chair will look just as it did before.

Once again, here is the 'before' and 'after' look!
It's a less 'from grandma's house' look right?!?!  I'm loving the black/white contrast now!  I think the freshened up wood and faux leather trim give it a modern meets vintage kind of look. 
Right now it is in a corner of our Living Room, but once I finish up my Dressing Room/Closet I think this chair will add the perfect glamorous touch for my fashionable space!

What do you think of the chair update?

What kind of decorative pillow do you think would look nice with the chair?

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