Carla Like It Is


Kayd Roy6 Comments
With Thanksgiving behind us it was time to dig out the Christmas decorations from the basement.... Which only means one thing- an EXPLOSION of Christmas is about to happen in our house.
With any kind of explosion there's going to casualties and when it comes to Christmas decor the casualty is usually my sanity.   I LOVE decorating our house for Christmas but sometimes I can go a little cuckoo-bananas-crazy about every little detail :)  I hoping I can keep things under control this year and just enjoy each little tradition of holiday decorating!  Speaking of, we will be making our annual "Griswold Style" Tree Adventure next weekend!  I can't wait to have a tree to decorate!!! Eeeeek!!!

So how about you? 

Are you starting to decorate for the holidays too?

Do you go a little nuts when it comes to decorating too?

Do you have a theme for this year's holiday decorations?  What is it?