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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Auntie Carla's Mohawk Cuts

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Our nephew Henri had a "Best Day Ever!" type of day.  It started with an OVERLOAD of fun at the Mall of America....
Seriously, can't you FEEL the excitement in that smile?!?!
.... And ended with a fun new hairdo courtesy of my DIY skills :)  Yes, today called for a very special edition of my DIY Friday series because it involves a skill I haven't shared before.... Mohawk haircuts. 

I know it is random, but I am very skilled at doing some buzzed mohawk haircuts.  I'm not totally sure when I started doing them, but I've been doing them a lot more often lately since Alex prefers a mohawk during his cycling race season.  Today, our nephew Henri decided he wanted a mohawk too since Uncle Alex had one.  Auntie was happy to DIY his new 'do.
 Henri's new look is so Todd Mod  right?!?!  Especially with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle facepaint :) 
(Todd Mod =Toddler Modern, I usually hate shortened words but it's too perfect for Henri's look!)

I know this is out of my normal DIY home related posts, but with family in town I certainly haven't been working on anything around the house (besides, this is just too fun and cute not to share)!

What do you think of Henri's fun new 'do?  Are you Head Over Heels too?!?

How did you spend Black Friday?  Did you shop?  Or did you hide?!?