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A New Look For Hammers & High Heels

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It felt like it might be time to do some updating around here...
Who doesn't love a good makeover montage?
I had been itching to change up the look of Hammers and High Heels for a LONG time now and I am so excited to finally see it all happen!  I know it takes some getting used to, but I hope you are digging the fresh look too!

I have to give my silly (and necessary) Hammers and High Fives to local designer Kayd Roy for developing the new concept, logos, layout, color, and everything really... oh and for putting up with me after a few rounds of revision requests, I know I can be picky and crazy :)  I wasn't totally sure where to start, or what I wanted to change, or how I wanted it to look, I just knew it needed a new look.  I'm still amazed that she zeroed in on what I wanted even when I couldn't describe or show her what exactly what it was, LOL!  Thank you again Kayd!!!   

We might be working out any weird formatting/font/layout issues for the next couple days, so be patient if you see anything funny in the meantime! 

What do you think of the blog makeover?

I will have an update on the Vestibule tomorrow, I meant to get that up sooner but I was way too excited about the new look being launched! See you then!