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Vestibule Project Planning

Kayd Roy6 Comments
It's time to gear up for our next project! 
Alex and I are going to take our little Vestibule space and turn it into something a bit more purposeful.
Yep it is a really small space measuring just 4' x 4', but a few of you gave me some really great ideas for this space when I first wrote about it back in April.  One idea we never even thought of was doing something with the ceiling- either painting it or making it mirrored.  Still unsure if we will go that route, but I'm totally intrigued!  As of now....

Here's What We're Planning On
I know we are challenged by how small the space is, but I liked the idea of adding a mirror or small narrow shelf that attached to the wall kind of like these...
Image via Habitually Chic
We also thought adding some kind of detail to the walls would be a nice update, either with woodwork like the photo below on the left or simple printed wallpaper shown on the right.I'm kind of scared or wallpaper though (bad past experiences). I just think we need to add some kind of texture or color to the space.
Images via Centsational Girl
 Now I know this might impossible, but how fantastic are these vintage-inspired coat racks that sit flush to a wall?  They even have an umbrella rack, ugh so cute!
Left image via Pottery Barn; right image via Muraca Design
 But, I might still go with the hooks and chained mirror I picked up at Bachman's.  These might be the best bet to fit in the space if a rack or shelf won't.
 Lastly, lighting!!! 
We know that this is a must, we HAVE to add a hanging pendant light and I love the look of these vintage styles.  This alone will add a lot to the little space!
Fixtures via Home Depot
Wall update, wall mirror and/or hooks, and lighting fixture, got that?  Had to write that for myself really :)
Hopefully those additions will be just what we need to add some style and purpose to this little space! 

Also, in case anyone is wondering I should mention that we are not going to replace our front door or the floor tiles.  The tile flooring is original to the home dating back to 1924 and I would never change it- not just because it is original, I also love the authentic vintage color and design!  For the front door, someday we will replace it with something that has glass so light can come in, but a new door will not be part of our project now (even though I wish it was).
What do you think of our ideas?

Do you have any other ideas or fun suggestions for our Vestibule?