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Quite Possibly the Worst Part of Home Ownership

Kayd Roy10 Comments
Fall yard clean up.

Seriously, I have dreaded fall yard clean up every year we have owned our home.  There is nothing fun about raking leaves into piles.  Actually, raking wouldn't be that bad but right now it feels like my hands are going to start bleeding even with working gloves on... to which Alex always says "Well that's what happens when you avoid manual labor your whole life."  And I then remind him that my dad always told me I was a princess...
 Sadly, every princess probably has to rake leaves once she becomes the queen of her own castle and it hurts.  But far worse than the raking is getting all the leaves into yard waste bags, ugh!!!  I took a little break to blog, but I have to go back outside to do that part next.  Again, UGH!!!  I can only imagine my back is about to hurt along with my hands :(
Anyway, today seemed like the perfect day to complete this nagging task.  Our trees have lost most of their leaves and it is a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree late October day here in Minneapolis!
 At least one of us enjoys all the yard work and that's Sadie.  Being a German Shorthair Pointer, Sadie is in her element when she is outside and LOVES running circles in the yard.  She gets even more amped up when someone is outside to run circles around or in this case big leaf piles!
 Our other pup Rocco doesn't feel as at home in the outdoors.  He prefers the outdoor scenery from the safe cushy comforts inside our home.  It's a stubborn Shih Tzu thing probably, we let him out and then he paws at the door to get back in. He's a goofy dude.
 At least both my pups put a smile on my face while I suffered through the yard work.
Okay, thanks for letting me whine about fall yard clean up.  Maybe once we're done I can turn this whining into a well deserved glass of wine later? HA!

Do you hate fall yard clean up as much as I do?
Were you out doing yard work today too?