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Head Over Heels DIY Friday: Spooky Edition (Sort Of)

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It's the last Friday of the month which means it's the final 'spooky' DIY post!  But I have to be honest, I kind of slacked on creating anything spooky this week. I know, lame, but I am hoping this sort of silly/fun DIY makes up for it :)

Rocco told us that he wanted to be an Ewok.  Not just for Halloween either - he wanted to join the Ewoks in Rebel Alliance....
 Well okay, it was just for Halloween.  But the Photoshop comparison is pretty funny right?

A lot of folks tell us that our mild mannered Shih Tzu Rocco looks like an Ewok. 
We've heard it ever since he was a puppy and still to this day I haven't seen ANY Star Wars movie.  Yep, all six, haven't seen a one (I know a lot of people think that is crazy, so I have to add that Alex hasn't seen Titanic- I think that is CRAZY). 

So, I didn't know what an Ewok was. After Google searching the info I agreed and boy Ewoks are CUTE!  Did you know that there is a "Wookieepedia" about them? LOL!
Rocco was really excited about his Ewok costume, can't you tell?  We only took a few photos, he totally earned a few treats and did his famously cute Milkbone ritual :) 

Past experiences taught us that the pups usually lack expression when we dress them up. 

That's their 2010 Halloween photo followed by 2011.  We can't blame them, but it's just so cute!


Like I said, I slacked on the true 'spooky' DIY this week due to the crazy busy week at my "9-5" and at home.  In the evenings I was slaving away at my amazing $3.00 chair project (yes, I had to sand the wood)....
 ... and my hubby got moving on our Vestibule Project.
Stay tuned for more on those projects!

I feel like I might just want to sit my buns on the couch and watch a silly Lifetime movie marathon this weekend, I feel POOPED! We'll see though, that chair is within eyesight of our living room so I know I'm going to keep messing with it this weekend, ugh! It's funny how that works, right?
What did you think of my little DIY Rocco costume?
Did Rocco make an acceptable Ewok?