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An Updated Look at Our Sunroom

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Back in our back entryway update post, I shared a little glimpse of our sunroom and it sounded like you wanted to see more!  I realized that the room looks much different than the last time I talked about it (and I even moved stuff around since the entryway post) so I took some new pictures to share!  Let's pop in for a look...
 Can you believe it used to look like this??? BLAH!
 The room started to take shape when Alex built a cover for the radiator (click here for that full tutorial- it is LONG).
 The radiator cover not only gave the room a formal touch but it allowed us to create this cute little reading nook!  It ended up being the perfect purpose for the room as it sits between the back entry and our living room. 
 In the beginning we only kept pillows along the radiator cover but it has ended up being more useful if dually used as a tabletop- Which also allowed me to bring my DIY chair pair chair together in the same room!  Along the cover next to the chair I added a reading light and a tray to keep books and magazines in. 
 PS- I will have a DIY post about that tray tomorrow too!

Even with both chairs in the space it is still nice though to cozy up in the corner against the pillows!
Opposite to the radiator cover is the opening to our back entryway and "mini" chalkboard bathroom.
 Behind the other DIY chair is a larger floor reading lamp from Ikea. 
That about rounds out the space as it is now.  Last year we used this room to display our Christmas Tree so you might get another look at it during the holiday season!

Lastly, did you happen to see this little guy hiding on the floor?  It is a little wood carved elephant figural that Alex got years ago at Target when they had their Global Bazaar stuff.  I had to mention him because there's kind of a story that goes along....
 After we moved into our house, I thought little mister elephant was silly and wanted to get rid of it. Alex refused and sometime around there named him Milton.  Over the past couple years, I have dropped Milton on my foot, maybe more than once or twice, and I've definitely tripped/kicked him several times- which all resulted in some kind of pain and cursing, but Milton has grown on me.  Anyway, I had to share my love/hate relationship with Milton

Does anyone else have a "Milton" decor piece at home too? 

What did you think of our Sunroom decor?

I will be back with my Studded Tray DIY tomorrow!