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$3.00! Are You Kidding Me?

Kayd Roy34 Comments
I had to run a few errands last night after work and ended up seeing a Goodwill just off the highway so I decided to stop in. You never know what you'll find right?  Well I certainly didn't expect to find this beautiful antique chair....
 I could hardly believe it, it was in perfect condition and heck it is even upholstered in white fabric. 

How is that possible and for just $3.00?  I looked around for a minute at all the other shoppers thinking, "hello, how has everyone else passed this up, what's wrong with everyone?" But that quickly ended as the rush of the deal ran through my body and I dragged the chair up to the cashier for purchase!
Every detail of this chair was just gorgeous!  It was such a great find! 

Even though love the chair as is, I know I am going to have to give it a little update before I can incorporate it somewhere in our house.
 As is, it kind feels like something "from grandma's house" right?  I can't help but think if I incorporate a wee redo on it, the chair will have a more chic updated appeal. 

Since the fabric on the chair is in great condition I am going to leave it as is.  Additionally, I imagine a reupholstery job on this style of chair (especially the chair back) would be really complicated and I didn't really enjoy my last experience doing that.  The nailhead trim will also stay as is- I love nailhead, especially when I don't have to hammer it on! 

For this redo I'd like to zero in on the wood and perhaps a contrast trim of some sort.  Here are some of the looks I gathered up...
Armchairs via One Kings Lane

In a nutshell I like the juxtaposition of the old and new in those chairs above.  We'll see what magic I can whip up for this ol' gal!

Which chair look did you like the most?
Do you have any other suggestions for updating the chair?
We're getting started on the Vegetable Vestibule Project tonight!  More to come on that soon and the last of our Spooky DIY's!  Be sure to let me know what you think for my chair!