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September Head Over Heels Friday: Shopping for Fall Ideas at Honeyshine

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Don't you love it when you randomly stumble upon a fantastic home decor boutique?!?  I know I do and it happened to me last week when I was leaving a local coffee shop and saw a store called Honeyshine.  The bottom of their sign said, "Curiosity Required," so I figured that I must take a look inside and I am so glad I did!  This store is located in the heart of Bryn Mawr, basically a 2 minute drive or 10 minute bike ride from our house. It was right under my nose and I can't believe I haven't seen it before. 

The shop was filled with all kinds of home decor and cute gift items that were traditional, modern, repurposed, humorous, and even strange- I totally loved it!  And it was all curated in such a clever way that made my quick stop turn into a long visit.... and a mini photo shoot (sadly I only had my phone, sorry the pics are going to be a little blurry).  But I hope you are curious too now!  Take a look at some of these home decor ideas from Honeyshine...

A totally cute and curious little boutique right? 

A couple of my favorites were the black studded trays, birch wrapped candle holders, and those silly squirrel figurals!

Overall I think the best idea is all of the strange random objects covered in glitter.  I took one look at that glittered covered tire and thought "boy, that'd be the perfect girly addition I've been looking for on Alex's Zombie Jeep" haha!  
I'm sure if I did that Alex would be just as surprised as I was when I came home to our Zombie-fied Jeep :) Ha!

Which decor ideas were your favorites?!?!

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I've got a few fun projects to work on this weekend and I'll get some pictures of our sunroom that a few of you asked about in our back entryway post!  See you soon!

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Totally awesome right?!?!