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September Head Over Heels Friday: Shopping for Fall Ideas

Kayd RoyComment
Ready for this month's Friday theme?!?  I actually have a reader named Sarah to thank for this fun idea too!  She commented in the last August DIY-Ikea Creations post with a theme suggestion writing"How about window shopping at a certain store each week, take a few pics of what you love and how you'd incorporate it in your home."  Sounded good to me, and I thought I'd zero in on something that is on all of our minds right now- Fall Decorating! 

So each Friday this month, we'll get out to do some inspirational fall decor shopping and chat about how we can add it- or heck even DIY it into our fall home decor!  All too often I think we all get stuck searching online for decorating ideas and forget that you can find totally unique ideas when you are offline and out and about.  Now, let's get inspired by our week #1 store this month- Nature's Harvest in Wayzata, MN.

Nature's Harvest is a European inspired boutique that specializes in vintage gifts and distinctive home accessories.  They have a beautifully designed shop with attention paid to every small detail.  Even though the store isn't that large, I took me almost an hour to take it all in and I did indeed feel inspired to decorate for fall (and maybe other seasons too) when I left.  Here's a look around....

That last piece of artwork made me giggle, for some reason I thought of Honey Boo Boo and how she would say, "TRUTH".  Haha!  That show is terribly entertaining.... and well, terrible.

Okay got all of that? Now here are the favorites I am Head Over Heels for and how I thought they could fit into my fall decor....  
1-  Using a cloche to use on top of my vintage bread board in our dining room.  There's so many fun fall themed decor items I could add inside the cloche and it'd look beautiful on top of our buffet.
2- Decorative matchbooks.  My hubby loves to use our fireplace in the colder months and we usually just keep a big, ugly plain old match box in our living room.  It'd be much nice to have a cute set sitting out- a printed cover might be easy to DIY too!
3- Labeled set of wine decanters for holiday entertaining.  I love the different shapes and sizes!  How fun would that be for a wine tasting party?
4- Sophisticated dog portraits.  Need I say more?  I NEED these for Rocco and Sadie :)
5- Mums!  I actually already have some on our front porch, I love this fall season flower for it's fullness and color.

Which ideas were you Head Over Heels for?
What did you think of Nature's Harvest?
What do you think of this month's theme?

If you are local you should totally check out Nature's Harvest, it is adorable!

We have our back entryway project finally wrapped up too!  I will have those pictures posted next!