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Head Over Heels Friday: Fall Shopping Finds From Bachman's

Kayd Roy2 Comments
It's my last shopping themed Friday post for the month and this time I paid a visit to Bachman's Floral and Gift Garden.  I know you might be familiar with their Idea House that I have featured photos of (click here to see their 2012 Fall House), but this post is about the actual store next to the Idea House. 

I always end up finding something that I like when I visit the store, but this time I took home three somethings that sparked my interest!  Before I show you what I got, let's take a look around the store...

A couple of my favorites were these galvanized metal ribbons, just interesting and fun!
 But, of all the goodies I just had to take one of these mirrors with some matching wall hooks home.  Seeing them gave me a fantastic idea for....
... our vegetable vestibule!  Since finishing up our back entryway update, I've been eager to get started on adding something to this entryway.
 Still not sure exactly where my Bachman's purchases will go, but I'm excited to figure it out!  The wall hooks were $6.99 each and the mirror with hanging chain was $21.99.

Where you Head Over Heels for all the goodies at Bachman's?
How would you set them up in our vestibule?

No projects for me this weekend, my mom and a good friend from back home in Michigan are coming for a visit to Minneapolis!  It will be my friends first trip to Minneapolis and to our home!  I am so excited, it's going to be a girl's weekend and I am sure we will get into some kind of fun trouble :)

Hope everyone else has a great weekend too!