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DIY Halloween Themed Gravestone Dining Room Chair Covers!

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Now this is sophisticated and fun Halloween decor!  Check out my latest DIY creation- Gravestone themed dining room chair covers!
I sewed the chair back cover the same way I made my numbered chair covers (click here for that full tutorial).  The only different step is hemming the bottom edge (shown in the bottom left photo) since I didn't attach the seat part of the cover.
 Once I was done sewing the cover it was time to stencil in my faux gravestone!  I used large and small stencils, fabric paint, and a painters pen.
 To make the tombstone shape I used a ruler and then grabbed a strainer to trace the rounded top.
 Then I stenciled on the letters using a pencil and filled them in with fabric paint.  I alternated using a paint brush and my painters pen for the smaller font.
 Here's how it turned out!  I kind of love how the edges of the gravestone look rough and imperfect.  Maybe if I make another I won't use the small stencil and let it look more rough and authentic? 
 In case you didn't pick up on it, this chair cover -errr- I mean gravestone is mine.  My hubby came up with the brilliant little phrase as a play on my blog title :) 
I still have to make a chair cover gravestone for him. If you have a fun suggestion for what Alex's should say let me know! I thought about "RIP-Here Lies AZ- All the house projects finally got to him". Haha! 
Do you have a funny faux gravestone phrase for Alex?
What do you think of the chair covers for Halloween decor?
Would you use some for a Halloween party?

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