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Carla Kravitz Hits Grand Haven

Kayd Roy3 Comments
When it comes to "Kravitz-ing", I've got no shame.  Before you read further, if you're not familiar with "Kravitz-ing" click here and read all about it!

 During our stay in Grand Haven I couldn't help but snoop around the neighborhood a little bit. I am a sucker for old homes and the neighborhood was filled with so many beautiful ones.  Also, I figured if I enjoyed looking around that you might like a peek too!  The first victim of my Kravitz-ing ways was our next door neighbor.  Take a look at this place...
Gorgeous right?!?!  I loved the sun porches on each side with the center staircase leading up to each door.  The home only had one address, but it made me wonder if it used to be a duplex back when it was built?  Do you think so too?  I also loved the decorative barn stars the owner placed on the porch.  It added a stylish touch that complimented the home's paint color.
Since we were right next door it was easy to get a closer look at the side yard boarding our driveway. 
 There was a cosy little patio space with a vintage metal table set and potting bench.  It looked so relaxed and effortlessly cute all together!  If only I could get a better look at it...
Oh yea, so I took my Carla Kravitz up a notch to Crazy Kravitz level and peered out a window from the second floor of our house.  This little patio space is so simple and beautiful right?  Ugh, I want a space like this too!
Now, I guess I got what I deserved while I was taking that picture because I did indeed get spotted by the owner.  I can only imagine what I must have looked like... 
After that I figured it'd be better to stick to sights from the street so we hopped on our bikes and cruised through the neighborhood.  This house quickly caught my eye.  I love traditional colonial style and that screened in porch is just amazing!
I wasn't sure on the exact style of this old home, but thought it was beautiful.
And I had to show this blushing Victorian beauty with a wrap-around porch.
There were also a couple homes on the smaller side that had tons of charm...
This little one looked like an old school house and made me wonder if it ever was or if it was always just a house?
That wraps up my favorites from my little Carla Kravitz-ing tour around town.

Since I mentioned that we biked, I had to share that I rode one of the Civia bikes that Alex modeled with for their 2012 catalog...

Thought it was a pretty fun and cute cruiser bike,  I could also handle it well in my high heel wedges, LOL!
I'd ask who do you think wore rode it better but I think Alex wins :) he's a pretty handsome fella if I do say so myself!

 So, which house was your favorite?
Would you have done some Kravitz-ing too?