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A Trunk in Our Trunk

Kayd Roy4 Comments
A tree trunk to be exact!  
Can't you tell that's a tree sticking out of our car?!?!
Over the weekend Alex and I went on one of our Home Depot Adventures in search of a tree to plant in our backyard.  You might remember that we lost a few in the May 2011 tornado, including this large pine (aka Mega Stump) that got completely uprooted...
Once we lost that we didn't have any trees in our backyard, wa-wa-wa. We wanted to get one planted after we installed our new wood privacy fence last fall, but worried it was too cold and late in the season to plant then.  Ideally we would have done it earlier this summer but never got around to picking one out until now.
We did a little research online regarding the kind of tree we wanted and settled on a Red Leaf Plum Tree.  We both loved the look of the purple leaves and it will grow to be 15-20 feet tall and 15 feet wide- making it a perfect fit for our yard and what surrounds it.  Even though I wish it were that big now, planting this cutie with Alex and watching it grow for years to come feels more special...

The 'stuffing it in the trunk' part of course didn't feel so special, especially when strangers walked by and looked at us like we were idiots :)  at least the idiots got the tree home safely and saved $$$ on renting a truck!
Once we got it home, Alex and I hoisted the tree out of the trunk.  Naturally, the next thing that happened was Sadie barking at it like crazy since it looked like a 10ft tall ghost.

After Sadie barked at the ghost long enough for it to turn back into a tree, Alex and I were ready to start digging! We had to use our hose to get the ground kind of soggy since it has been so dry and that seemed to help a lot.
When we Alex finished digging the hole, it was time to plant our tree!
All the action looked kind of like this...
Alex used three stakes and some rope to brace the tree and keep it straight as it grows.  So here it is!  The latest and greatest edition to our backyard!

I am looking forward to the cooling shade and beauty that this tree will offer as it grows.  I also feel proud and that Alex and I added something that not only we will enjoy but hopefully our neighbors as well or even a future homeowner.

What to you think of our new little purple beauty?
Have any extra tips for keeping it healthy through the fall and winter?
Lots of fun fall decor & event related posts coming this week, hope to see you again soon!