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The 'Old House Tale' & 'Skeleton Key Mystery' Continues...

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Remember the "Estate Sale With An Old House Tale" or "An Intriguing Discovery From My Estate Sale Chair" posts from a couple months ago ?  I certainly hope you remember otherwise click those links above to get up to speed because I have some follow-ups to BOTH stories!!!  I kind of have the blog to thank for that too, don't you love the power of blogging?!?! 

After writing the first post, I got an email from someone that was in the process of purchasing the home the home.  This person was very passionate about the home and wanted to make sure it was properly restored to it's original historic glory. That email made me feel kind of relieved just knowing someone that felt the way I did about that house was actually putting on offer on it! I kept my fingers crossed that it would all work out.

 A few weeks later, I got another email sharing news that their offer was accepted!  Turns out, this person is a fellow Northside resident and award winning architect!  They had their eye on the home for a while, especially after the tornado last summer.  They knew after some TLC  would be a perfect fit for their family and a place they would take a lot of pride in. 

Another bonus in addition to the whole architect + family thing... They were interested in my Skeleton Key Mystery too!  Who wouldn't be curious to see if it fits somewhere in that big house?!?!
We're still trying to coordinate a time when I can stop over with the key, so that is where we are at for now.  As you can imagine, the new owners are pretty busy now!  They also shared with me that they have the original blue prints and specifications manual for the home.  Can you believe it?!?!  I will likely get a chance to see those too as well as a peak up those beautiful grand stairs....
 I will be sure to share what happens once I bring the skeleton key to their house.  I'm so excited to be getting new neighbors and being more involved with this House Tale & Key Mystery than I had even hoped for from the beginning! 

To Be Continued....