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Saturday's Epic Ikea Adventure

Kayd Roy12 Comments
I spent this past weekend finishing up the deck decor according to my original plan.  I set up our deck lights, sewed a few outdoor pillows, and got some pretty plants for our planters! But even with all of that checked off, I was still stuck on the idea of having a vertical planter before I could call this deck-orating project done

Thankfully, the new Ikea catalog had just arrived at our house full of fresh fancy Swedish ideas!  I thumbed through and I found just what I needed to easily make my own version of a vertical garden!  So, I went there Saturday morning to purchase the actual Applaro Wall Panel for $39.99 thinking the price wasn't too bad at all... And yes, I ventured out knowing Saturday morning is the worst time to go but I was mentally prepared for the craziness.
Mission accepted, game face on Ikea.
Applaro Wall Panel: Ikea $39.99; with shelves $59.99
 Little did I realize, my quest for the Applaro Wall Panel would be more complicated than anticipated. It all went down kind of like this...  (read the rest with an old English/ Scottish type accent or whatever)
I began my journey through the maze-like showroom dodging flatbed carts, strollers, and the ever-so annoying casual unfocused wanderer. I stealthy swooped past Living Rooms, Shelving, Sinks, and Countertops. Alas I had spotted my mark in Dining then tucked and rolled under tables to get in position to write down my secret bin # code. Success! To the maze exit!!!  I glided through Bedrooms with ease sneaking closely along the wall of night tables. With the end in sight, I was met with the most worthy of adversaries as I reached Kid's Rooms.  Droves of small children and back to school shoppers headed toward me, moving against the natural flow of Ikea.  I trudged forward with all of my strength as though swimming against a strong current. At last!  With a deep sigh of relief, I headed down the staircase into the Marketplace to retrieve my prize.
With my code in hand, I followed the treasure warehouse map to find the location of my prize.  I smiled with delight as I laid my eyes upon the Applaro Wall Panel.  Using all my muscle and a nice manly grunt, I hoisted the flat-packed prize onto my cart. "At last, you are mine!"
I rounded the corner with my prize in hand, certain to find victory in a matter of moments. Unfortunately the beast that is Ikea had different plans, for there towering over me like a beast of mythical proportions were hoards of "patrons" numbering in the hundreds with only one clear intention - stopping me from victory.
Upon seeing this 'beast' standing in my way I willingly accepted defeat declaring, "@#$% THIS!!!"  I set my prize aside and retreated into the open air.  In the end I knew that although this journey was over, I would again someday find the prize I was looking for. 

***** The End *****

Okay, I know that was a bit much :)  I guess this is my way of making light of the whole trip and it not feeling like a complete waste of time, hopefully you found it somewhat entertaining?  I have never seen lines that long at Ikea, ever!  It was B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

The bright side from not taking home the Applaro panel? Saving that $40.00 and coming up with our own DIY creation!  We've already got a good start...
 Hoping to wrap this up by the end of the week and show you how it turns out.  Stay tuned, errr, I mean...

Until next time (dun, dun, duuuuunnn)