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Our Own Little Outdoor Hangout

Kayd Roy5 Comments
I got each and every little bit of my deck-decor put together... at last!  All together we spent about $65.00 on all the decor and flowers.  Thankfully we were able to keep our costs low by repainting our patio set, vertical planter panel, and small side table.  I also sewed four decorative outdoor pillows from an outdoor table cloth I found on clearance! 

Here's a look at how it all came together.  It's nothing fancy-pants or anything, but each little touch finally made this outdoor space feel like our own little hangout. 
 This is what it used to look like after Alex rebuilt the top level.  Again, not bad or anything but it just didn't feel comfortable or cozy.
 The white pillows below are the ones I made from the clearance outdoor table cloth, such a smart score!  I sewed a 1" flange around each side so they wouldn't look like a plain white pillow insert. 
You can see where we placed those Solar Deck Lights from Target in the photo above. I LOVE those lights!  They have a nice more natural lit color at night, not the blue looking LED kind.  I have to give my brother-in law some oh so magical Hammers and High Fives too, he found a couple sets for us!  I was so excited since I can't find them at any Target nearby.
 For the planters, I removed the spruce trees added two coleus plants.  I found them at the farmers market and thought they were different and pretty.  Alex told me "they looked like a swamp creature" but I still think they are a fun alternative to flowers... and more practical than blue spruce pine trees, LOL! Had to throw that zing in there :)
 Our patio table and chairs turned out so nice after giving them a fresh crisp coat of paint!  I wish I would have painted them a long time ago, they looked beat up for so long and this was such an easy little update.
 I also got over to Home Depot to grab a couple colorful little flower pots for $1.98 each to add to our DIY vertical planter panel.
We still need to stain the deck of course, but that's a wrap on the decor for now!

Once I finished up, I took a look back at what I planned for and I think I stayed pretty close to my original inspiration. Although I still really want those pillows from Target... 
 Maybe next summer I can add some floor cushions?  I think those would be nice to have near the sitting bench or for star gazing at night :)

 Lastly, I just had to show you what was going on behind the scenes as I took pictures of the deck....
Oh you betcha Rocco and Sadie wanted to be out in all the action :) Lots of pawing and whining. 
The look on Rocco's little face totally cracks me up, he looks so determined in that photo.  I imagine he was thinking something like "I must, I must push this door open with my face!"

So what do you think of the deck-orating?
Do you think the coleus looks like a "swamp thing"?
What color should we use to stain the deck? I'd love recommendations!
Do your pets do silly things behind the scenes when you work on something too?!?