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Is it Possible to Use Blogger on an IPad??? Help!

Kayd Roy13 Comments
It's no secret.  I love blogging. 
If you stop by often you probably know that :)  Obviously, my hubby knows that fact all too well.  He often has to hear, "I'm writing a post, I should be done in a few minutes" .... and a few minutes usually turns into 20, 40, or 140.  But he knows how happy this little ol' blog makes me, so he always supports the extra time it takes for projects, photos, and the writing it takes to put it all together.  He even got me a very thoughtful birthday gift to support and (hopefully) simplify my blogging efforts.  As hinted in the title of the post, Alex got me an IPad!

Now I actually don't know a whole lot about IPads and I only use PC/ Microsoft devices other wise (laptop, cell phone).  I had mentioned the idea of an IPad a few times (I guess for almost a year now according to Alex). I thought it seemed like an easier way to blog. I also loved the idea of not lugging my laptop everywhere- which requires buff arms and a large handbag... yep that gets old pretty quick.

As you can imagine, I was ooo-ing and awww-ing at my cute little IPad on my birthday.  So many blogging possibilities ran through my head!  Oh, and apps, accessories, books, movies, games, etc.  It was a whole new world!  Then on Monday night as I began fiddling with Blogger on the IPad, my curiosity turned more into... well rage.  Visions of hugging PC guy and punching Justin Long in the face ran through my head.
This IPad made me feel completely STOOOPID when it came to Blogger.  Why was it so difficult?!?!   I started tapping the touchscreen repeatedly and grrrrr-ing.  It probably looked a lot like that scene from Zoolander where they bounce around like monkeys hitting an Apple computer (click here to see it if you don't know what I am talking about).  Alex looked at me fearfully as I approached full on meltdown mode but carefully and slowly pulled the IPad away from my hands. 

My Blogger difficulties left me feeling kind of bummed about my cool birthday present.  I've done a bit of research and found some help, but I'd love to just hear from someone that blogs on their IPad successfully without tons of complications.  I did download Blogger for IPhone which will work on the IPad but it is so small and dumpy.

If you have answers, help a girl out! 
Anyone out there that uses (or used) the Blogger platform on an IPad I need advice! 
Ugh, why can't Apple and PC just get a long for the good of mankind?!?!
 I'd love to have the option to blog on my fancy little IPad as well as my laptop :)  Please comment if you have tips or advice on my questions.