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The Worst Fourth of July Ever?

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Happy Fourth of July everybody!
 Wait... Is it the Fourth of July?

Sure doesn't seem like that fun holiday I've loved all my life.  I seems more like a crappy random (HOT) day in the summer.  I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but really I can't think of a more boring Fourth of July in the past.  Do you agree?  I mean for starters it's a Wednesday so instead of taking 2 days of vacation, Alex and I just decided to work Thursday and Friday.... it's a "school night" for us, super bummer.  With that, since we aren't doing anything fun with family or friends Alex decided to continue working on our deck (which is the project he started while I was in Michigan, more to come on that later!).
Lastly to top off how stinkin' fun today is (sarcasm font), it is 100 degrees outside.  That just isn't okay with me, I moved to Minnesota not Death Valley... WTF!  This type of weather makes me want to just sit inside with the AC on HIGH.  All the typical fun outdoor Fourth of July festivities just sound like a sweat-filled gathering of misery.  Sure I know I sound like a cranky baby, but man am I sick of sweating!!!! Yuck!

Speaking of babies, I feel so bad for my poor little fur babies.  In this kind of heat we can't take them for their long walks/ runs so they are cooped up inside.  I thought maybe they would like a little kiddy pool outside so they could be by us while Alex works on the deck.  Sadly, they didn't really seem to like it.  Sadie hopped right out, I think she thought it was bath time?  Rocco did a little better and stood in it for a while and hopped in twice.  I think he appreciated it once he realized it cooled him off?  At least it was cute watching them for a bit :)
 I guess that just about rounds out the worst Fourth of July ever.  At least these pretty red, white, and blue flowers made me smile!
Even though I am hot and bored, I guess I can't forget what today really means.  I should feel lucky that I have the freedom to be hot and bored :) haha. 

All joking aside, I think every American should feel fortunate for the freedoms we have and thankful to those who serve in our armed forces (and their families).

Remembering that last part made me feel better, hope it does for you too if you are having a day like ours. So...
What are you doing today to celebrate the Fourth of July?
What are you doing to beat the heat?

Have a fun, safe, and happy Fourth of July!