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Head Over Heels Friday: July DIY Decorating & Gifting Week 2

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It's week two for the newly themed Head Over Heels Friday (click here to read up on the changes).  Since I've had deck-orating on my mind this week, I thought I'd share some of the fun ideas I've found that fit the realm of July's DIY Decorating theme!  I even tried out one of these DIY's, but it left me a bit heart broken (you'll see what I mean toward the end).

First up, a few fun ways to repurpose a wood pallet. 
Alex and I have had a pallet hanging out in our garage since last summer (I think our new roofing shingles were delivered on it)?  I insisted that we keep the wood pallet because we could do something cool with it.  Sadly, it has been sitting there for a year because I haven't felt particularly inspired by any DIY pallet projects.... until now!  Check out these DIY wood pallet vertical planters!

For some reason I am crazy about the vertical planter idea.  I would love to make one of our own, either large as shown below or breaking it up into smaller ones as shown above.  If we did, I'd love to paint it with black chalkboard paint so we could label the plants (and it would match my awning/cabana style stripe decor).  Has anyone out there made their own vertical planter?  I am intrigued by the look and challenge of making our own... although I imagine I'd be covered in dirt/soil during the process :)
DIY wood pallet vertical garden via Life on the Balcony

If we don't try the vertical planter idea, I'm loving this little garden fence made out of a pallet.  With a coat of paint and shaping the top edges, it looks just like a cute picket fence!
Garden Pallet Fence via Camelot Art Creations

My second outdoor DIY find are these distressed terra cotta pots.  I love the look of aged/ distressed terra cotta pots, either in the white washed look or maybe a darker green/ mossy look.
DIY Distressed Terra Cotta Pots via Carolyn's Homework

Lastly, I found this DIY Cut Glass Lantern that looked really cute and really easy to do.  It got my brain churning right away once I realized....
DIY Cut Glass Lantern via A Subtle Revery

That I already had a glass drill bit (from a holiday craft night shown here) and an old vase/ hurricane glass I could turn into a lantern!  How hard could that be?  I drilled into glass before with success so I taped the glass and started drilling.
 Well, it didn't turn out well.  If you look back at the craft night post, I mentioned it was scary once you started getting close to drilling through the glass and the worst thing that can happen when you are drilling into glass happened.  After drilling for 15 minutes, I was about to finish the hole and the whole glass shattered!  I thought my heart stopped for a minute when I saw broken glass all over me and the floor.  So, my fear got the best of me and I didn't feel like making attempt #2 at the DIY glass lantern.
Hmmm, can you blame me?  Anyway, it was a bummer and my DIY dreams were dashed.

At least I have a few other (safer) DIY ideas to try!

Which DIY Outdoor Decor idea was your favorite?
Anybody out there have a vertical planter or have made one?  Do you like it?

It's a busy weekend and week ahead for Alex and I!
I hope to update you with a post in a couple days and you'll likely be hearing from Mr. Hammers and High Heels pretty soon!  Have a great weekend!