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Head Over Heels Friday: July DIY Decorating & Gifting Week 1

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Are you ready for the new and improved Head Over Heels Friday series?!?!  Well wait, you need to know what's new and improved about it first, right?  So let's back up... two weeks ago, I asked you what you thought of the series and what should change about it.  I read through all the comments and ideas (good and bad) and landed on a few changes. 

Overall, I felt like the series needed more structure to it.  I do like the random nature of it, meaning it didn't have to be about our house or house project specifically -BUT- leaving it up to being totally random kind of made it harder to zero in on a topic each week. So change #1 is narrowing the scope of my random-ness and sticking to home topics- things like home decor, home trends, thrifting, DIY-ing, renovation projects, holiday decorating, etc.  Those are reasons you come here right?  Additionally, I liked the idea of choosing one topic to focus on for the month so change #2 is a monthly theme!  Who doesn't love a theme?!? Which leads me to the possibility of change #3 where the last Friday of each month could be a Head Over Heels Linky Party... Still not sure if there will be a lot of interest in a Linky Party?  I figure I can see how the theme shakes out for a couple months and if all goes well I can add it in!

I hope you are excited about the changes! Now, back to your (new & improved) regularly scheduled program....

  Head Over Heels is back in action and we're kicking it off with July's theme: DIY Decorating & Gifting!  Each Friday this month I will be featuring some inspiring DIY decor or gift projects or both! I Hope your intrigued :) 

Today I am excited to share with you the DIY "Shower" Decorations used at my sister's baby shower! 
I was totally geeked to help host my sister's baby shower and knew I had to whip up something cute to make it all the more special for her.  I researched a couple cute theme ideas I loved the "shower" theme complete with clouds and raindrops.
I bought some white, blue, yellow, and pink felt at JoAnne's and cut out cloud and raindrop shapes. 
For her stair railing, I laid a single felt cloud layer over the top and attached the raindrops with pink yarn.
It was so simple and looked adorable!
On her mantel I used 2 layers of the white felt cloud cut-outs, stitched them together with pink thread, and stuffed them with cotton balls to make them look fluffy. Then I again attached the raindrop felt cut-outs with pink yarn and hung them from the clouds.
Above the kitchen island, I hung a few more felt raindrops.
Not a ton of decor, but I thought the felt & yarn decorations were just cute, simple, and gave her shower a unique little touch!  She can also use them in her nursery or at another friends shower in the future.

I also DIY-ed her shower invitations and looooooved how they turned out!

Lastly, Holly got a couple DIY gifts!  Of course one was from me, I had to sew my future niece a little dress with petal skirt.  It turned out cute but man those petals made it take so long to sew! 18 pattern pieces, yuck!!!
My sister's mother and sister in law DIY-ed this diaper cake!  Isn't it awesome?  Totally using that idea for future baby showers!  The "cake" had diapers and items she registered for tucked in throughout.

Are you Head Over Heels for the DIY "Shower" Decorations and Gifts too?
What other fun/ creative shower themes have you seen lately?
What you think about the Head Over Heels changes?

That's a wrap for now, but I have to share my first picture with my niece!
Haha, my sister will probably kill me :)