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Head Over Heels Friday: July DIY Week 4! PB Inspired End Table Decor

Kayd Roy3 Comments
It's the last July DIY Decorating & Gifting themed Head Over Heels Friday post!  What a mouthful- maybe I need to think of a shorter title?  Anyway, I hope you like this last one because it's a super simple and low cost version of some Pottery Barn inspired decor.  Let's get to it!

I was cruising a few Pottery Barn catalogs this week and a couple images caught my attention...
I liked how the handwritten paper book covers added a personalized touch to that big stack of books.  I figured that would be an easy little zero cost project!  I also loved the glass lamps filled with books and rolled pages.  They made me think of that open bottom glass lamp base I found at Target (and I had to stick on my head). 
I thought it was a fantastic idea and I have tons of torn book stacks and pages I could put to use! With my inspiration collected, it was DIY time!

 I grabbed the stack of scrapbooks and photo albums and cut up some grocery bags old school text book cover style.  After covering, I added cute titles to each bookend.
 Filling the glass lamp was a bit trickier since this one had an open bottom and the Pottery Barn version opened from the top with a closed bottom.  Gravity was not on my side :(  After a few tries I ended up with an arrangement of books, book pages, and rolled pages I was happy with.
So, here's how our living room end table looked before taking on this DIY decor project...

And here's how it ended up after putting the look together...
It was an easy, stress-free, low cost little DIY project!  I think it adds a unique touch to our living room that wasn't there before. 

What do you think?  Head Over Heels for this DIY decor too?

Before I end July's DIY Decor & Gifting theme I have to jump back to Week 1 which covered my sister's "Shower" themed Baby Shower.  I'm pretty sure none of us guessed that this month would end with the best little gift...
My sister Holly and her husband Brian welcomed Brynnan Marie on July 18th at 10:20pm.  She was six weeks early weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces.  I got the news Holly's water broke when I arrived in Hong Kong. (naturally, I was bummed to be so stinkin' far away). My sister did a good job answering her cell phone during all the action :) We are all thankful that Holly and Brynnan are doing well and I am so excited to have a new niece!

Have a great weekend everybody!