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Head Over Heels Friday.........?

Kayd Roy18 Comments
Instead of a regular "Head Over Heels" post today, I was hoping to get a little help or advice from you folks out there regarding the series.  Sound okay with you?  I hope so!  Here's what I'm wondering about...

It was a little over a year ago when I decided to start this weekly series (see that post here).   The basic idea was that I'd be able to write about things I felt inspired or excited about during the week outside of our house and DIY projects.  Since then, I've written 64 Head Over Heels posts about anything from shoes, projects, other bloggers, shopping trips, dates, holidays, fashion, our dogs, wedding decor, games, pop culture, etc. When I look back, there are a lot of posts I really love and some that are pretty crappy... I can't lie

The thing is, I love that the series gives me a reason to blog about something random if I want but I never want it to sound random or strange.  With that said, I'd love to ask what you think the series should be or what would make it better.  Here's a few questions to start...

Are there certain topics I should stick to for the series?
Which posts from the series do you like or remember because they were interesting?
Would these posts be more fun if they were linky parties where others can share what they love that week too?

*Kindly* share your thoughts!  I certainly will appreciate any and all feedback :)
Have a great weekend!!!